Penguins 1

PenguinsThe reason for this Blog is to share secrets, stories, a little truth, poetry, photos/videos and other stuff.

Penguins are really quite cute, don’t you think?


Penguins are cute and are really quite funny

They love bananas, toast, jam and honey

They love talking politics and reading the Times

They love reading poetry especially the rhymes


They ride on scooters with their socks and thongs

Singing and dancing to the latest pop songs

They don’t go to work, but they sorta’ all do

They all speak latin and they all love the zoo


They usually tell jokes and always laugh loud

Penguins are shy away from the crowd

Some can’t stop talking, others are quiet

Some are so funny, they’re always a riot


( More to come- see Penguin, 2,3,4 on my blog)

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2 Responses to Penguins 1

  1. Maureen Czarnocki says:

    Waiting for the next verse on Penguins.


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