Pastoral Pathways

035Pastoral Pathways…

What a privilege to walk this pathway! Today I walked this pathway with a few fellow travelers. They were gracious to share their time, their memories, their challenges, their joys and their tears, with me. While on this journey I reflected on the preciousness of all life, from conception to the grave. I experienced, through their stories, the joy of first love, a wedding, sepia beauty from another time, the sound of war and deprivation, the fracture of a final parting, home, going home, transition, loss of freedom and self-determination, the expectation of family connection, loneliness and memories. I am remembering now, the ones I have met who can no longer remember and I am grieved. Grieved for the ravages of aging, of sickness, loss of freedom and sometimes loss of hope. I find that I am thinking more,lately, about beginnings and endings…but that’s a blog for another day!

Take time, slow down and let someone’s journey, impact you.

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