Penguins 2

PenguinsIt has been 5 years since I wrote about Penguins. I said I would add another verse back then, so here goes…

Penguins are naughty and some are just mean

Some are just cute and some are a scream

They see everything in black and in white

They’d all love to fly, but that’s just not right


They sit around Maccas eating burgers all day

Some actually live there, but that’s not OK

They make funny noises, some actually talk

But their mates call them nutters, weirdo and dork


Some enter politics, some say for fun

Penguins don’t vote so the whole thing is dumb

Some are comedians, they laugh all of the time

Some are too serious, they think that’s just fine.


Some penguins play sport and some of them dont

Some of them play chess and others just wont

Some love to bat and bowling a ball

Penguins and cricket just don’t match at all!


Ian Blackburne

Copyright 2018

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