Penguins 3

PenguinsAnother verse about Penguins…

Penguins have names like Harry and Stan

Betty, Joan, Felicity, Cheryl, Wanda and Pam

They have only one name, they think that is cool

especially when splashing around in a pool


Penguin babies (they are way beyond cute!)

Often seen sleeping in their parents old ute

No one knows why they enjoy doing this

and all they can say to you, it is none of your biz


Penguins are tricky and slightly erratic

They sit by their radios listening to static

They eat pumpkin pie with chopsticks and fork

Very strange, given they never were taught


Penguins are pious, they pray every day

They all go to Mass, but only in May

They know all the hymns but sing out of tune

They only do this on the 13th of June


Penguins get old, they go to a home

Its a place where there’s laughter but never a phone

They share crazy stories and poems such as this

They would tell you that this place is absolute bliss.


Ian Blackburne

Copyright 2017




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