054I have been reflecting on sunsets over the last few days. We know that every day of one’s life is book ended with a sunrise and a sunset. We might say that there is nothing remarkable or unusual about that. True. However, when reflecting about a sunset, I begin to ponder the array of evidences showing the day is coming to a close. I look at the sky to see how many hours of sunlight remains. I start to see the shadows lengthen. The birds gradually go quiet. The breeze freshens and I shiver. In winter, I anticipate the cold as the sun disappears over the horizon. In summer, I feel thankful for the coolness of the evening and I am moved to remain in the space; not just remain, but to savour it.

I feel a connection and a protection from the sun, almost as if there is a cosmic designer smiling down on the world. I often feel a sense of aloneness as the darkness enshrouds me and I look for something else. And then I see it… the beautiful (almost ‘friendly’ moon). The cosmic designer has not forgotten us after all!! I feel embraced and loved and I can now go to my rest with a sense that all is well.

I will write about sunrises next time.

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