My Country

IMG_0980Is it OK to cry for one’s country? I find myself doing that quite a bit these days. I cry for the lostness I see around me. I ache for the people who are voiceless, lonely and unnoticed. I cry for the things we are losing, for the meaninglessness of what we are gaining, for the lost children, the lost fathers, lost hope. Sometimes my tears flow because I feel lost, lost in an unfamiliar world, in a world that was once so cosy and safe, a world where what was good was good and what was bad, was bad. Now there is so much uncertainty. I cry for truth, that we might know and recognise it again. I cry for our language. What meant something in the past, now means something quite different. I cry for the freedom to question without intimidation. I just cry.

But there is hope…and as I dry my eyes I look up and see a beautiful rainbow and remember the promise of my Creator. I am not alone and I am comforted.

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