Penguins 4

PenguinsSome live in darkness some live in light

Most are peace-loving creatures, but some love to fight

Some go to peace marches and wave banners and flags

Some just argue and some sort of nag


Penguins keep secrets, you might ask them what?

They will look at you blankly and then scream quite a lot

They will gather around you and then start to sneeze

Then you hear the leader, under his breath say ‘Geez’


Penguins range in intelligence, it is actually a fact

Some just smile and ask what is that

Some dont care about much anything at all

Intelligence is only a word after all


Penguins love driving, some golf and some cars

Some combine both, some drive into bars

Some Penguins love Beemers, some just stick to Fords

Some drive so fast they end up in wards


Penguins love rainbows, they look up and smile

Their eyes close over and they sit for a while

Then they all start to hum a Rolling Stone tune

until at least the thirteenth of June.


Penguins love movies, they watch them all night

They’ll argue their merits until there’s a fight

They’ll memorise titles and favourite lines

Until they’re asleep or badley maligned

Ian Blackburne

Copyright 2018












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